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Stop wasting money on ammo, it’s time to buy in bulk!

Perhaps the biggest reason as to why you would want to buy in bulk is the fact that buying bulk ammo far cheaper per round than buying a couple of boxes at a time. Yes, you have a larger upfront cost, but if you get through a lot of rounds and are constantly needing to buy new boxes throughout the hunting season, you may as well spend that bit of extra cash up front. If you feel like you will never get through the number of rounds that you have purchased, then just see if you can do a bulk buy with a few friends. Once you see how much cash you can save by doing this , you are never going to purchase a couple of boxes at a time again.

Another reason as to why you would want to stock up in large quantities is the fact that it is convenient. You have, most likely, been on a hunting trip where you have run low on rounds, or maybe even run out. There is no worse way to cut a hunting trip short. This is because it is no preventable. If you can purchase plenty of rounds up front, in bulk, then you should have more than enough for your hunting trip. Of course, you are also not going to have the inconvenience of constantly heading to the store or heading online to stock up on ammo. You will have more than enough to see you through the season.

Remember, ammo purchased today could get you through a few hunting seasons. Rounds keep pretty well, so do not be afraid of purchasing rounds in larger amounts. You may never need to make another purchase for a good few years!

shotgun hunting

Finding the best spots when hunting

Tired of going of coming up empty handed every hunting season? Here’s some tips that might help you bring home a nice Buck next season.

First of all, keep in mind that the by far the best time to hunt for deer, whether it be in Oklahoma or elsewhere, is right before dawn and right at dusk. Deer generally don’t come out much during the middle of the day, so you probably won’t have much luck hunting during these times.

Another great tip is to take many notes when doing your research on the location you plan on hunting in because this will help you to get an exact feel for the terrain you will be hunting on. You will probably want to go a day early to the place you will be hunting and take some notes of all the places that the deer will be going so that you know exactly where to go to intercept them. For instance, find out where their feeding place is, and where they live right now so that you can get in between these areas and catch them when they pass.

Also, always make sure to wear a harness if you are in a tree stand. This is to ensure your safety. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of falling off it. Yes, this might sound obvious, but believe it or not many hunters don’t take the precaution, and can, therefore, suffer serious injuries from falling. Don’t let this happen to you.

Also, make sure to move the tree stand around from time to time. If you are in the tree stand often, the deer will learn to avoid the stand because they will associate it with you. However, when you move it from place to place, they will be less likely to stay away from that. Now that you know some great deer hunting tips, here are a few myths to expose.

First of all, big bucks do not frequently roam. Generally speaking, bucks like to stay in one general area that they feel comfortable and, although they may roam when they search for other areas. However, most of the time they like to stay in certain areas, so you will have to search for them if you want to get them because they probably will not come to you.

Another important deer myth to eliminate is that big bucks only stay in places where there is the thick cover. While this can sometimes be true, they also go to other places such as hills and ridges where they are more exposed.

Finally, make sure you check with the local guides before you go out hunting, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the hunting location. This is a great way to help you to find the best place to go hunting without actually having to do all the research yourself because you simply soak in the knowledge of the local guides. Unfortunately, all too many hunters go to the new location and spend their whole time on a try to find the best place to stay; when you have this information beforehand, all you have to worry about is shooting the deer.

Therefore, if this is the case, you’ll probably have more trouble getting to them, as they can see you from a long ways off. Try to find bucks that stay in thick cover, because they’ll be less likely to see you this way.

Finally, make sure you invest in good deer hunting gun; regardless of how good a hunter or accurate a shooter you might be, the best hunting equipment can make all the difference between catching and just missing a deer as they run by. Use these deer hunting tips to catch as many deer as possible on your next trip.

Bass boat

What to Look for when buying your first Bass boat

 The fishing is good and you want to get out on your favorite lake in a new bass boat. The question is, how do you find the boat that is right for you?

Here are the main points that you should take into consideration when purchasing a new bass boat. You will first want to consider the size, construction, weight, and fuel capacity of the boat. Will it fit well in your garage? And if not, do you have a place where you can store it safe and secure? The weight of a bass boat is also important. Heavier boats with thicker fiberglass ride better and are less likely to develop stress cracks over time. Even though lighter boats are faster, it is important to balance weight with structural integrity. Fuel is important as well, especially if you are planning on fishing big reservoirs or attending fishing tournaments. Make sure the boat you choose has a high fuel capacity because running out of gas in the middle of a lake can ruin the best of fishing trips.

The next two things you will want to consider is the financing and transportation of your new vessel. Make sure you are getting a good deal on the boat you are purchasing and avoid boats that are out of your price range. If you have found a reputable dealer, they will most likely help you find a good boat that fits your budget. Once you have decided on a boat, it is imperative that you select a high-quality trailer. Avoid cheap trailers and try to get a trailer with surge brakes because they considerably safer.Like buying a car, shopping for a new bass boat is not always an easy experience, but hopefully with these tips, you will be happy with your purchase and out on the water in no time.

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How to Choose the Best Water for Bass Fishing

It’s a great day for fishing, but how do you find the best spot in the lake to fish?

When looking for a good spot for bass fishing it’s very important to keep a few things in mind. Depending on the time of year, time of day, and the depth of the water, you will want to adjust your lure accordingly. For example, when fishing in the winter time or on cold days it’s much better to use a bait that is slow moving. The reason for this that when the water temperatures are cold bass tend to not put as much effort into going after your lure. Keep this in mind if you do ice fishing or you go fishing on a cool day.

Spring and Summer Fishing

When your fishing in the spring, keep in mind that bass tend to be swimming in deeper in the water during the early and late spring. In the middle of spring bass tend to swim in more shallow water. They also tend to swim close to shore in the early mornings of late spring. Later on in the day though, they tend to swim out shore. This can also be said about early summer as well. Keep in mind bass like to swim close to the top of the water to feed during the summer time. You should consider this when selecting which type of lure to use.

Fishing in the Fall

A lot of fisherman do not know this, but when fall times comes around the best time to fish is on the first day of lower temperatures. The reason for this is that bass really like to feed during this time in preparation for the coming winter. It’s a good idea to fish near the shore during this time as that’s where they tend to be feeding.