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How to Choose the Best Water for Bass Fishing

It’s a great day for fishing, but how do you find the best spot in the lake to fish?

When looking for a good spot for bass fishing it’s very important to keep a few things in mind. Depending on the time of year, time of day, and the depth of the water, you will want to adjust your lure accordingly. For example, when fishing in the winter time or on cold days it’s much better to use a bait that is slow moving. The reason for this that when the water temperatures are cold bass tend to not put as much effort into going after your lure. Keep this in mind if you do ice fishing or you go fishing on a cool day.

Spring and Summer Fishing

When your fishing in the spring, keep in mind that bass tend to be swimming in deeper in the water during the early and late spring. In the middle of spring bass tend to swim in more shallow water. They also tend to swim close to shore in the early mornings of late spring. Later on in the day though, they tend to swim out shore. This can also be said about early summer as well. Keep in mind bass like to swim close to the top of the water to feed during the summer time. You should consider this when selecting which type of lure to use.

Fishing in the Fall

A lot of fisherman do not know this, but when fall times comes around the best time to fish is on the first day of lower temperatures. The reason for this is that bass really like to feed during this time in preparation for the coming winter. It’s a good idea to fish near the shore during this time as that’s where they tend to be feeding.

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