A Whopping 650 Pound Sturgeon Caught by Canadian Fisherman

Sturgeon is the name given to the twenty seven different species of fishes belonging to the same family known as Acipenseridae. The main characteristic of Sturgeon, and the one that most calls our attention, is that they are able to live 50 to 150 years, considering that is a lot of decades compared to the human existance which varies between 70 to 80 years, without including those lucky who achieve living 100 years.

This fishes can grow very big, extremely heavy and amazingly long and this is the case of the fish captured by the Canadian 19-year-old, called Nick McCabe back in August. This guy, managed, after a two hour struggle with the enormus and tremendous fish, to capture him on the Fraser River, near Lillooet BC. Usually, Sturgeons gain a well-knon reputation among fishermen because of their huge sizes.


The fish captured by Nick McCabe is not an ordinary fish, that fish is very known among anglers. Local fisherman named the animal with an unusual name, “Pig Nose”, due to his stumped snout. No one knows what happened to the fish’s snout, but they afirm that the injury had been with him since fourty years ago which leads us to discover the fish’s age, he is about 80 years.Keeping or killing the fishes in the river is totally illegal due to their risk of extinction, so fishermen usually catch the fish, tag them with a harmless microchip and release them back to the water, where they should be. This is exactly what Nick McCabe did, he took the fish out of the water, tagged him with a small microchip and let him go.

The fish weighted 650 extraordinary pounds, and undoubtly, the young adult, Nick, had to make an unhuman effort to take him out of the water. In conclusion, we firmly believe this is an experience the young Canadian would never forget.

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